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About Us

"Anasa" origin Swahili


Meet Our Founder

Charlene Matambo, Founder of Anasa Skin

Inspired by Africa

Anasa Skin was started by Charlene Matambo in 2020, stemming from her passion for two things, namely Africa and natural skincare products.      

Powered by Nature 

It all started when Charlene became more selective about what she was using on her skin, particularly her body. She threw herself into researching natural ingredients, discovering that natural oils and butters were miraculously effective in achieving healthy, nourished, and glowing skin. The best part? These ingredients are mainly indigenous to the African continent she loves and calls home. So, she began sourcing these raw ingredients, playing scientist by blending medleys at home to use on her own skin.

The effects on her skin’s health were noticeable, and friends and family soon enquired about what wonder products she was using. After gifting them with her creations, she realised that she could start a business and make these luxury skincare products available to more people. At the same time, she would be bringing effective yet natural ancient ingredients back to the forefront of our daily bath and body care routines. 

 In Favour of Self-care

We hope you enjoy every moment of using our products and the range of benefits we know they will give you. Here's to taking care of body, mind, and soul by embracing the Anasa life.

P.S. A gentle reminder from Charlene...

make time to take care of yourself

take a walk • drink more water • journal often • eat clean • take long baths • get plenty of sleep • spend time alone • disconnect • learn to let go

do more of what makes you happy