Scrub and Mask Duo Set
Scrub and Mask Duo Set
Scrub and Mask Duo Set

Scrub and Mask Duo Set

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Buy 2 and save ! Our Duo Sets are specially curated combinations of two products that compliment each other well. We've made these Duo Sets available for ease of shopping. Duo Up and Save.

Our Scrub and Mask Duo consists of:

  • Kalahari Salt Body Scrub
  • African Clay Body Mask

Suggested Routine:

For this routine - you're gonna need a little bit of time. Be patient because the results are worth it. Ideally done on a slow evening or on self care Sunday

1. Wash your body with a natural soap  Select an option from our Ancient Soap range. Once clean, pat yourself dry. 

2. Take the Kalahari Salt Body Scrub and massage  in circular motions all over your body. Feel the epsom salt polish your skin and the nourishing plant oils soothe. Our body scrubs exfoliate without drying your skin. Rinse off with warm water once full body exfoliation is complete.

3. Next take the African Clay Body Mask and scoop an amount into the palm of your hand. Apply am even layer of the mask all over your body. Wait 15mins whilst the ingredients of the mask work to purify, detoxify, firm and soothe your skin. The mask will begin to harden slightly after 15mins. At this point you can rinse it off with warm water. 

4. The final step in this paper routine is to pat yourself semi-dry and apply a nourishing body butter or body oil. 

For best results do this once or twice a week.